A Good Saturday

A very cool, overcast and windy morning.  I visited a farm auction this morning.  Over in the Amish settlement, the widow and family was selling a lot of the farm stuff.  The father/farmer had been quite a collector of farm related items.  In fact, he was the neighborhood go-to guy when it came to tools, handles, hardware, harness and other repair items.  There was a LOT of farm stuff!!!  Wagon loads of hand tools and handles.  Set after set of harness.  Nails, screws, bolts, and other fasteners.  Gas lanterns, stoves, and clothes irons.  Furniture of all kinds and a dozen or more old treadle sewing machine cabinets.  There was really too much to list!!  I called my brother and he came to see as well.  We agreed that our Dad would really have liked the sale and all the ‘junk boxes’ (they were his specialty and his weakness!). Things were going a little high, due in part to the many grandchildren present who wanted to get some of grandpa’s stuff.  It was a good sale and I think the family did well on it.

This evening, I scrambled to find some coverings for the tomato plants I put out yesterday!  I don’t think it will frost tonight (maybe tomorrow night), but I didn’t want to take a chance.  So now I have a row of buckets and boxes covering the new plantings.  In our area, May 10 is the average frost free date, but the early spring has everyone gardening early.  I had waited until I thought the danger might be past, but…here we go!


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